The “Green Cottage” is located in Sechelt’s rare and unique waterfront. Take a leisurely stroll along the seawall, enjoying the stunning view of the Trail Islands. Have your favorite beverage on the Cottage front porch while gazing over the magnificent panoramic view of our coastline.

Green Cottage History

Nearing 100 years old, it has been called by many names:"Kwitcherkicken", "Killarney" and "Wits End". But its most notable and persistent name remains "Green Cottage".

It's as charming today as it was in 1910 when Bert Whitaker had it built as Cottage # 8, the last in a row of rental cottages stretching along the waterfront of Sechelt. In 1896, Whitaker built the first store, followed by a wharf, a hotel, and a myriad of cottages. During this early period, he also owned and operated the Sechelt Steamship Company. After he died in 1925, much of his estate was sold to the Union Steamship Company. It was during this time when Sechelt became a romantic destination resort for Vancouverites. Green Cottage is the last intact building on the waterfront from that era.


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